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Thank you for your interest in Ma Williams Homes! We sell beautiful new Factory-Built homes in all of Southern California.

Ma Williams Manufactured Homes

35325 State Hwy 74
Hemet, CA 92545

Ma Williams Manufactured HomesPhone: 877-409-5954

Our Sales Center hours are:

  • Monday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm
  • Any other time by appointment only

    When Jeannette "Ma" Williams started her business in 1969 she had no idea it would grow into a 3rd generation family owned and operated business that has become one of Southern California's premier manufactured home dealerships.

    For over 38 years Ma's guiding principles have been about our customers always coming first and providing high quality homes at the most affordable prices. Ma's motto has always been "We will not be undersold!" and it's just as true today as it ever was.

    Like individuals, a company is defined by what it does; in our case, we have been helping our customers realize their housing needs and dreams for a long, long time and we've become experts at it!

    Like most successful businesses Ma Williams Manufactured Homes, Inc. understands they owe their allegiance to their customers and treats them with respect. Also having the best home value in Southern California hasn't hurt business either.

    Ma Williams Manufactured Homes Ma Williams Manufactured Homes features quality manufactured homes from Silvercrest Homes and Skyline Homes.

    With over 30 years of experience, Silvercrest Manufactured Homes offers you the highest quality off-site manufactured homes. This may surprise many of you that are not familiar with a Silvercrest manufactured home of the 21st Century.

    Silvercrest Homes

    The Skyline Manufactured & Modular Homes produces a wide range of manufactured and modular homes with price ranges to fit most budgets. Whether your need is for a single-section or empty nester model, a 2,700 square foot multi-sectional full drywall home, or anything in between, Skyline is your answer.

    Skyline Homes

    Ma Williams Manufactured Homes WHY DO BUSINESS WITH "MA"?
    If you could do business with a company that not only gives the best VALUE, "We Won't Be Undersold", but one that also has the INTEGRITY to tell you the truth, be it good, bad or indifferent; and has the EXPERIENCE to help minimize the problem areas, that are sure to come, would you give that kind of company a small, but refundable, deposit? If your answer is yes, then "Ma" Williams is your company.


    Why does "Ma" have the best VALUE?
    Not only will "Ma" Williams not be undersold but we've found that after 38 years in this industry the only way for anyone to keep their overall costs down is to shop for bids for their site work. We will help you SHOP site contractors to get your best price! Beware of those dealers who offer a "turnkey" approach to your development! You will pay dearly for using a Dealers "In-House" Contractor!
    It's not uncommon to create immediate equity by following "Ma's" processes!

    Why does "Ma" have INTEGRITY?
    Like many things in life integrity can be subjective, simply someone's opinion, however after many years in business if a company still has a AAA rating with the better business bureau then there's a good chance that they have been dealing with integrity. Keeping ones word is a good sign of integrity and that's what "Ma Williams has been doing for 38 years; for example, when we say "the deposit is not at risk" that's what we mean.

    Why does "Ma" have the EXPERIENCE?
    Frankly it's not only the number of years in business but also what a company has learned in those years that may have the biggest impact. Today "Ma" Williams is the sum total of three generations of of knowledge and experience. With this knowledge we've pioneered the process, commonly referred to as a land/home package, whereby a manufactured or modular home is placed on fee simple real estate with a permanent foundation.

    Furthermore, based on years of experience, we've created a completely new innovative software system so advanced that Ma's customers may follow their project to its completion; knowing all along the way what has been completed, what needs to be done or what hasn't been done, as the case may be. Only Ma's customers can enjoy the benefits of our revolutionary patented software system.

    Ma Williams Manufactured Homes Finance For Manufactured and Modular Homes

    Obtaining the necessary financing for your manufactured home is easier than you might think. Several loan options are available for borrowers regardless of income or credit status. Click on the links below to discover which loan type is best for you, and for information on interest rates and down payment.

    At Ma Williams, we're here to help. If you need additional information about any of the available financing options listed below, please contact us.

    Construction Loans

  • This type of loan is good if you are purchasing property for your development. The construction loan is normally set up with draws that allow you to pay all of your project costs out in increments. You, the buyer, have the choice on how you would like funds disbursed to your contractors and at what point the funds are disbursed.
  • Construction loan costs are generally higher than the standard conforming loan costs.
  • There are several ways to pay for your construction loan. You have the option to either make interest monthly payments on the funds that have been disbursed or you can opt to not make any payments during the term of the construction loan. If you opt to not make interest payments through the term of construction, the lender can finance 6 %u2013 8 months of interest payments into the loan, prior to funding.

    Conventional Loans

  • This type of loan requires that you have a minimum credit score of 620 or higher and open credit lines. If you have had a Bankruptcy, the lender will require that the Bankruptcy have been discharged for at least two years and you must have re-established credit.
  • This type of loan is geared toward the buyer with a good credit rating.

    FHA Loans

  • Unlike the Conventional loan, the FHA loan only requires that you have a minimum credit score of 580. The FHA loan is a government insured loan which allows FHA underwriting guidelines to be a little more flexible than the conventional loan.
  • FHA loans do have a few more requirements than the conventional loan.
  • The FHA loan is geared for the buyer with a low down payment and low credit scores, but have current open accounts and are trying to re-build their credit.

    Cal Vet Loans

  • A Cal%u2013Vet loan is a construction loan for eligible California veterans. The Cal-Vet loan generally requires a credit score of 620 or higher. Cal Vet interest rates are generally lower that the FHA or Conventional construction loans.
  • The Cal Vet loan is geared toward the California Veteran to obtain a construction loan at lower rates.

    VA Loans

  • The VA loan is a loan offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs to veterans. This loan is great for the veteran that already owns land and does not require a construction loan.

    Chattel Loans (Non-Permanent foundations only)

  • Chattel loans are loans for buyers whose home will be placed on a non-permanent foundation.
  • Chattel lenders require a minimum credit score of 620.
  • Chattel loans are considered personal property so interest rates for Chattel loans range from 8.75% - 14% depending on your credit score and down payment.
  • Although Chattel loans are considered personal property loans, you still do have the choice to either have a 20 year or 30 year term loan.

    Reverse Mortgage

  • A Reverse Mortgage is perfect for individuals over 62 years of age who would like to upgrade their current home with a new manufactured or modular home. The amount of funds available for your project are based on you age, appraised value of your property and current interest rate.
  • Reverse Mortgages have no effect on y our Social Security or Medicare. Everybody qualifies! Even if you have bad credit, you qualify. There is no asset or income verification required. And the deed for your property always remains in your name.
  • You will have NO monthly payment, EVER! And there is NO down payment required.

    Interest Rates

  • Interest rates for construction loans are generally higher than the standard conforming loan through the construction phrase. Once the construction loan rolls over into a conforming loan, the rates are then the same or close to the conforming rates.
  • Interest rates for manufactured homes on permanent foundations are equivalent to stick built home interest rates.

    Minimum Down Payment Requirements

  • Conventional Construction loans usually require 5% - 10% down.
  • Conventional Conforming loans usually require 5% down.
  • FHA Construction and Conforming loans require 3% down.
  • VA loans require 3% down.
  • Chattel loans generally require 10% down. There is an option for 5% down but the 5% down payment program requires a minimum 720 credit score.

    Benefits of owning your own property: using equity as down payment

  • If you own property and have owned your property for 1 year or more, you may be able to finance your home with NO down payment, by using the equity in your land as the down payment.
  • How this works: Once you have given the lender all of your cost associated with building your manufactured home, the lender orders an appraisal. The property is then appraised as if the new manufactured home is sitting on the property and permanently attached. Once your lender receives that appraisal, the lender will take the equity in your property and apply that number to your loan as a down payment. This means that you can complete a manufactured home with no money out of your pocket.

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